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The creative vision of Véronique Renard, individualistic and personal, showing up in both her talent as an artist and as an artisan. Steps in the research of the senses intersecting with archetypes, with symbols, artisanal steps in her attachment to the nobility of the “handmade” tradition in France. She intentionally mixes primitive elements with an extreme sophistication. The paradoxical contrast that results is a curious blend that is a key to her inspiration.  Her main goal is to remain honest with herself, in spite of fashions and fleeting trends

The jewery is offered in bronze or silver. The pieces are conceived of as small sculptures and made with that method, employing the technique called "lost-wax casting", or "investment casting". In addition to bronze and silver, other refined materials used include leather, precious woods, feathers, and semi-precious stones. The level of creativity, the quality of materials, and the techniques used, are aqual to those employed in making the highest quality costume jewelry on the market.

Each piece of jewelry is unique, since it is made by the artist's hand of Véronique Renard herself. Artisanship is thereby respected to the degree of asserting the imperfections that save us from boredom. Nothing is mechanical, and it is all poetically made to work for all occasions.

Véronique Renard was born in 1964. She received a degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD/Superior National School of Decorative Arts), where she specialized in textiles. After ten years of doing free-lance work in designing fabrics for the home for the prestigious French design houses like Pierre Frey, Casal, Nobilis, Lelièvre, and Hermès…, she launched into tableware with the creation of ceramic objects. In 2002, she redirected herself toward ceramic jewelry making. She explored other materials and learned the techniques of the best French artisans, as one of the last inheritors of a tradition on the verge of disappearing. In 2004 she established her brand, Renard Bijoux.

          RENARD BIJOUX is a jewels brand celebrating the work by hand-sustainably, locally, and with a love for his craft.